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Hear the story behind our neighborhood grille and bar: 1963 Grille

We take dining seriously at Capital Manor.

Finding something you love is all about choices. At Capital Manor we feature a variety of dining options to fit your active and social lifestyle. Options include:


Our restaurant style dining room featuring a display kitchen with a cook-to-order menu. You’ll get to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients, including local produce from the Willamette Valley. And the best part? We do the cooking and the dishes for you. Take a look at our menus so you can plan what you will want to order on your visit.

1963 Grille

Featuring upscale pub food and a full bar.


Our grab-and-go café lets you design your own sandwiches and salads plus it offers a selection of soups, smoothies and an espresso for that midday pick me up.


Offering pastries, cookies and home-made breads along with a variety of drink options.

Get to Know Our Executive Chef Michael Wares

Personal food philosophy

I believe in a simple approach to good food, while also acknowledging that good food takes time and understanding. When combined with proper handling and technique, fresh local ingredients captured during their peak season are ideal for achieving maximum flavor, visual appeal, and nutrition. This is why we work hard establishing meaningful relationships with local growers and vendors and keeping our culinary team up to speed with current culinary trends and techniques. This ultimately provides us with a food service program that is built on the back of whole nutritional foods that have a positive impact on the well-being of those who consume it.

What makes Capital Manor food stand out

Our commitment to scratch cooking, and the resources to truly embrace that. We operate our venues as stand-alone restaurants with special emphasis on fresh ingredients and proper cooking techniques. These are differences that you can taste and feel with every bite.

What I love most about working at Capital Manor

The people! Capital Manor is such a positive place that is truly embracing a better life, it is wonderful having the opportunity to participate in creating something so meaningful every day I come to work.

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