Find Wellness in All Areas of Your Life

At Capital Manor, a healthy retirement is a given. We want you to keep strong, stay active and feel your best, so you can find your own unique way to embrace life better. With our 8 Dimensions of Wellness Program, we make sure you have opportunities to take care of your mind, body and spirit every day.


Improve your overall health by discovering new ways to stay active and establishing healthier eating habits.


Feel more at peace by gaining the ability to better cope with and embrace life’s unexpected changes.


Surround yourself with things that make you feel better, from both a personal and ecological standpoint.


Expand your sense of purpose and meaning of life by exploring your personal values and beliefs.


Gain personal satisfaction and enrichment by discovering new interests or refining forgotten skills.


Build a routine that helps you prevent and detect disease, manage chronic health conditions and live healthier.


Exercise your creative brain and expand your learning capabilities through new, interactive outlets.

Health Services

Find a sense of belonging, develop friendships and maintain a strong support system with fellow residents.

The Commons: your wellness hub.

The Commons at Capital Manor is your destination for Wellness. Here you can take an exercise class, create a new piece of art, grab a book in the library, go for a swim, meet a friend for coffee and cards, shop at the thrift store or general store, and much more!

The Commons is also home to Prime Fitness, our centrally located fitness center providing all you need to DEFINE your physical PRIME. Prime Fitness includes:

  • Pool and hot tub
  • Locker rooms
  • Large group exercise room for fitness classes
  • Cardio and weight training suites with machines and free weights
  • A quiet stadium for yoga, stretching, meditation or private work with a physical therapist

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We offer:

  • Exercise Class Schedule
  • Yoga – Chair Yoga
  • Core and Balance Classes
  • Water Aerobics
  • Accelerated Aerobics
  • Functional Fitness (strength and mobility)
  • Wellness Walks
  • Fall Prevention Workshop
  • Stress Management
  • One-On-One Wellness Counseling
  • Personal Training

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