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A Story of Gratitude

November is the month for Gratitude: When Sati Sil, Capital Manor resident, thought of what she was most grateful for, she thought of a who and a what. The who, is Samantha, our resident recreation planner, the what is a re-ignited passion for painting. Sam arranged for a painting class at Capital Manor, inspiring Sati, to rediscover her love of painting. Sati has lung fibrosis and could not leave due to air quality issues when the wildfires were burning and also Covid-19 concerns. So, Sam took it upon herself to gather up all the supplies that Sati would need to embark on a passion of painting. Sati painted the story of the wildfires from her window.


“I used to oil paint as a teenager and had gifted away all of my paintings to family and friends.  My daughter, who lives in Connecticut, encouraged me to resume painting because she regretted that she did not own any of my paintings.  So, I decided to start painting again and gift the paintings to her as a legacy.  Samantha Bergman, Resident Recreation Planner at Capital Manor, had arranged for a painting class where all the supplies were provided for a small fee.  The instructor taught the class virtually to a group of socially distanced residents.  I loved it!  I had never worked with acrylics before, always oil, but with my lung fibrosis, difficulty breathing, and being on oxygen 24 hours a day, it was a challenge to figure out how to get started.  Sam stepped in and fulfilled Capital Manor’s motto regarding the well-being of residents: “Embracing a better life. Embracing life better.”

She went above and beyond her duties to research online for my art materials (brushes, paints, canvases, etc.) and she personally delivered them with cheer and an angelic beaming smile.  Everything I needed to get started was brought to my apartment.  With her help I was able to complete a full series of paintings on the effects of the recent wildfires of Oregon.  I completed a dozen paintings:  all from the view of my bedroom window (now also serving as my art studio).  I am a person with a positive outlook.  This past year with my breathing challenges, Covid-19, and the wildfires has been especially challenging as I am staying indoors.  Painting has rejuvenated me and brought me such joy.  I hope seeing the paintings brings joy to others as well, especially my daughter when she receives these paintings.  Thank you, Samantha! you are an angel.”

Sati Sil