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Your Guide to “Rightsizing”

A common step before moving into your ideal senior living community is to go through the process of downsizing. When a lot of people hear the word “downsizing”, the initial feelings of stress and anxiety can creep in. So instead of downsizing, we like to call it rightsizing.

Rightsizing: The act of making room for what really matters. It is the customization of your space to your life, allowing you to be fully present in your current chapter.

Why Should You Rightsize?

When you start the process of rightsizing your space, it allows you to gain a fresh perspective about the
“clutter” in your life. As you and your family start to take a hard look at the piles, you will start to see that so many of the possessions are holding you back from experiencing the best that life has to offer.

How To Rightsize

We understand no matter what, sorting through years of items can be stressful so continue reading our top 10 ways to rightsize.

#1: Start Now – Do not wait until you are ready to move because it can be overwhelming at that point and you will have other things that require your attention.

#2: Stop The Flow – One of the easiest steps in clearing clutter from your home is stop adding more to the growing piles. By holding off on bringing more in before you’ve been able to clean out, you’re helping yourself stay organized.

#3: Focus on What Matters – Just because you have held onto an item for a long time doesn’t mean it is important. Focus instead on the items you grab for on a daily basis or the items you show your grandkids when they come over. This allows you to better understand what is truly important vs. having been there for years.

#4: Get rid of at least one item each day – Sorting through decades of belongings in one day can be taxing, to say the least. By letting go of at least one item each day, you can continue your progress while giving yourself time to adjust

#5: Declutter the Easy Stuff First – Uncluttering your home doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. Start by focusing on the items you know you don’t want first. Instead of working on sentimental items first, turn your organizational sights to clothes you don’t grab for in the morning, books you’ll never read, and the pile of old magazines in the attic.

#6: Realize Your Children May Not Want It – Another popular reason for hanging on to various items is the idea that the kids or grandkids will want them. But many people eventually discover that the things they thought would be coveted by their adult children were not so desirable after all. To help sort this out, consider inviting your children over for a day to go through your things and find out what they actually want. And make them take the items with them. No more storing it for them.

#7: Think Through the Furniture – Rightsizing is a focus on all items in the house, including furniture. Focus on the pieces that can be versatile in many spaces and designs and make a plan on how to remove the other pieces.

#8: Notice the Multiples – Especially in the kitchen it is easy to collect multiples of the same tool. Critically think through the list of tools/equipment you need to make your daily meals. And remember, with the fine dining at Capital Manor, you will not have to cook as much.

#9: Set Goals – When you start a new month in your downsizing journey, set 3 achievable goals.


  • Get rid of all papers no longer needed.
  • Have a day where kids and family members come take what they want.
  • Donate clothes you know you no longer wear.
  • By setting smaller goals month after month, the process becomes far more manageable.

#10: Don’t Do It All Yourself – Staring at a mountain can feel unachievable. But when you include friends and family and lean on them for support, the process can help decrease stress and also create lasting memories.

“Rightsizing” at Capital Manor is about more than a new place to live—it’s about a great new way to grow and rediscover you.

When you are here, you’ll be delighted to discover how simple and joyful it can be to live in a smaller space (with less stuff).

Download the Downsizing Checklist to help you on your new adventure.