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8 Signs It’s Time to Move

You love your house. The memories. The mementos. The extra bedrooms. The furniture you have to dust every couple of weeks. The lawn you have to mow. The property taxes. The square footage you no longer use.

Maybe it’s time to consider moving?

Here are 8 signs it’s time to move.

• The kids have left the nest. Your house and neighborhood were perfect for your family. But your family has changed, and it may not be so perfect anymore.

• Maintenance is becoming a chore. Depending on your health, home maintenance might not only take a significant chunk of your time; it could endanger your life. Aging-related impairments, such as hearing and vision loss and problems with balance, mean a small fall from a ladder may have a large impact on life.

• The neighborhood has changed. If you have noticed signs of theft, vandalism, or violence, it’s time to move. Or if your neighbors are working and raising children, it may be time to move where others are also retired.

• Your activity level and energy have changed. Is it harder to get out and do the things you want to do? Do you find yourself feeling isolated and lonely? Moving to a community with built in programs to pursue your passions could provide an engaging, dynamic lifestyle.

 Transportation issues. If you have stopped driving or no longer like to drive, especially at night, moving to a place with built in transportation and excursions can provide you with more independence and freedom.

• Mobility Issues. The house you’ve lived in for years may not be suited for aging. If you have difficulty climbing stairs to your bedroom or rolling out the garbage cans, it may be time to find a place that’s better suited.

• Your circle of friends is getting smaller. Your friends have moved or don’t get out, so you haven’t seen them in a while. Why not move where you can easily make and keep friends?

• Your children are concerned for you. Maybe they are seeing something you’re not. Take their advice and find a better place to live. They care about you and want the best life for you.

It’s not easy to think about leaving your current home, but now might be the right time to make the move!