In Their Own Words

There’s nothing quite like hearing what a place is like from the people who make it home. Especially during the unprecedented time, our dedicated Capital Manor staff continues to serve residents in ways that protect everyone’s safety, while also keeping them and their families in the loop.

Here are a few words from our residents for our response to the COVID-19 outbreak:

We experience the friendliness and helpfulness of caring staff on a daily basis.  Whether our interactions be with grounds, dining, housekeeping or wellness staff, they are uniformly good.  Please thank everyone for their part in making Capital Manor a safe, healthy and pleasant place to live.  I am glad their respective efforts have been substantiated and rewarded by the Manor’s being voted the Best Retirement Community in the Willamette Valley.  Congratulations!  Nice going all of you!  You did it!

PS – We loved the pandemic parade!
Brian W. 

A note to thank you and all the wonderful group of workers that make Capital Manor such a great place to live. Today’s parade was an illustration of the beautiful spirit that has developed over the years. We enjoy our limited interaction with all of the staff. They are a joy to be around and seem to enjoy being here. All management is to be congratulated on the selection, training and support of the excellent team at Capital Manor. To all we say THANK YOU.
Mary and Jerry B.

My family of four children are extremely pleased to have me in a well managed, safe, friendly, cautious, and beautiful community. I feel very pampered when the door bell rings and a meal is ready. It is so nice to not antagonize over “what should I have for dinner?” Truly so much admiration and appreciation for the staff here at Capital Manor.
Dorothy C.

We are new residents and we just want to share our experience so far at Capital Manor.  The dining and delivery staff are truly outstanding.  Food is delicious and still hot when it arrives at our doorstep by a very friendly worker. You have an amazing, awesome staff here.  During our quarantine your staff had very creative ways to check in with us and say “Hi”,  whether with a fresh bouquet of tulips (my favorite and they stayed fresh throughout the entire quarantine), or an ice cream bar, or just to say “how are you doing?” We felt very welcomed and cared for.  Every staff member we have had an opportunity to talk with have all been very professional, kind, helpful, cheerful, and efficient.  We are anxious to be able to meet many more staff and residents once Capital Manor opens up. A BIG thank you to each and every one of your awesome Capital Manor staff and all the extra work this virus has created for you.  We are so happy and blessed we are to be part of the Capital Manor family and community.
Keith and Linda J.

Please let everyone involved with our “care and feeding” know that we cheer for all of them every day. We can only imagine the logistical practical and thoughtful efforts that to most organizations would be daunting to say the least. But you all make everything look smooth, easy and even fun! The “special delivery” food is always excellent. Part of the pleasure is catching a glimpse of the cheerful, smiling young people who bring our dinners to the door. Through the masks, it is evident that they are genuinely caring and happy to be working here. They are inspirations for positive thinking.
Bobbie and Jim B.

The word awesome is used casually these days. In these cases it is the word for the awesome staff at Capital Manor. The nutritious, colorful, delicious meals from the cooks, the delivery, the hostess and their leaders – all awesome. The landscape crew who keep the grass, flowers, bushes so beautiful to feed our spirits – awesome. The recycling guys who are managing so much to keep our environment healthy – awesome! The transportation folks doing medical deliveries for us – awesome! The front desk for keeping us connected to everything – awesome! The community team bringing us virtual entertainment – awesome. For maintenance for being available, responsive and skillful – awesome. Knowing the nursing team is available – awesome! And for everyone for wearing masks – awesome! There is no place we would rather be!
Fyllis and Bob L.

I am sure everyone is getting weary of this situation we are in. However, I wanted to let you know I appreciate how our dedicated staff continues to be cheerful, helpful, and patient while preparing and delivering meals, providing exercise and entertainment on our in-house TV Channels, greeting and talking to people, keeping the grounds beautiful, providing transportation and running errands, and sanitizing everything in sight. I always knew we had an amazing staff, but I recognize it even more during this time of change for everyone.
Barbara O.

There are not enough words to express my thanks and appreciation for all you are doing for all of us.  I feel so secure and comfortable in the environment as you are doing so many special things for us all.  The surprise snacks are a most positive upper as well as the exercise and movies on the TV.  I wish you all the best and good health to you all.  I wish I could in some way be of help.  Love and hugs and kisses to you all.

P.S. A comfort to my family is to know how well I am being cared for!!
Ginger T.

None of you signed up for what you are being called to do for us residents.  You and staff distinguish yourselves by having acted promptly, decisively and professionally in confronting the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you for that. I am happy we chose Capital Manor as a place to live.  I am glad you chose Capital Manor as a place to work. Our decision to move to Capital Manor was based in large part on how we perceived staff and residents to interact so positively.   That perception has more than been borne out during this pandemic.  We love Capital Manor’s hardworking, caring staff.  You all have lives outside of Capital Manor, but while you are here you really look out for us.  Thank you.
Brian & Mary Jane W.

Heartfelt thanks to you and your entire staff for taking such good care of all of us.  Nancy, Gillie, the dining crew and the entire kitchen staff are wonderful.  Dr. Palm (Capital Manor’s Medical Director) was right!  Capital Manor is the place to be during this crisis.  Many thanks!
Paul and Dottie C.

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate you. I’m sure you are overwhelmed with situations every day. You and your staff have done a stellar job of keeping us safe and running. Thanks for the many things that make this more bearable. Our prayers are with you and our amazing staff.
Greg N.

The good ship Capital Manor is sailing through troubled waters under the steady hand of a fearless captain and his disciplined and dedicated crew!  All of you rise to the challenge with grace and good humor.  You are providing us with incredible things – room service, delicious meals, creative entertainment, exercise opportunities, comfort and safety.  Know that you are a blessing to us and deserve our thanks for all you do.  Your smiles brighten our days and we love you!
Maria G.

I would echo all the positives that have been said.The written communications have been excellent.  The timely decisions to keep us apart yet connected have been spot on.  I appreciate all the dining room servers, the young people we have come to adore, it is uplifting to see them each day at delivery time.   Those at the desk have continued to be great. I appreciate Bobbi the driver going to the store for me.We have begun to use Casey and her Home Care staff. They are all caring and loving people, professional and know how to relate to seniors. Casey is really great. She has worked well getting the long-term care insurance people what they need. All in all, I am so happy we are here and am proud of and thankful for all of you.  And, of course, very much look forward to our being able to once again dine and socialize together.
Tom B.

I just needed to tell you how your special caring, at this time, is so appreciated. I know that those that are doing the food preparation come to the top of my list. There is no way that I can give a hug of thanks to you all, but you are all very special. I guess we sometimes need to remember that it isn’t just at these times that people need to be appreciated. You need to know that you always are.
Bill I.

We stand at our window on the 10th floor – and we look out – sometimes at 11 p.m. or 2 a.m. and at 6 a.m. and again in the morning – and we see staff members arriving and leaving in the parking lot.  And we think to ourselves – “all those people, over 200 of them, are taking care of us in this time that is so difficult for us and for all of them and their families.”  And all we can say is “Thank You.” It seems like such a small word, surely there is a larger word or a better way to tell them what we feel – but for now we have to make do with “Thank You.”
Lee and Joan G.

“My lovely two-bedroom villa is the perfect living space for me. The creative meals are delicious. And the stresses of home maintenance are in the past! Making the big move in my mid-70s was not at all too soon. I am extremely happy and grateful to be here.”
Carole Lee S.

“Capital Manor is a healthy place – good food, clean air, good neighbors, and exercise classes for all levels of fitness. There’s a lighted loop, 1/3 of a mile around, where I can run and walk on our dark mornings. Every other day I go directly to the fitness center and lift weights. There’s a nice variety of well-designed machines a person can use.”
John S.

“I am here because it’s a Life Plan Community with levels of care that I am guaranteed. That’s very important to me – without that, I would have stayed in my house. Living at Capital Manor has changed my life for the better, for sure. I do not have to worry about anything. I participate in water aerobics, play bridge, knit, and interact with other residents in many ways. I’m blessed to be here, and my family would second that.”
Shirley S.

“The remarkable friendliness of the residents exceeded that of any of the other retirement [communities] I visited. I have been actively participating in many of the opportunities for volunteering and being entertained and educated, and am grateful to find something useful to do.”
Lisa T.

“I am a widow and have no children. I feel safe and know there are staff who will take care of doings things I no longer feel comfortable doing – yard work, household repairs, house cleaning and food prep. And care will be available when I need it without trying to make decisions when I am not as able. I also appreciate the health care tax deductions we receive.”
Barbara S.

“I’ve volunteered in various areas for the past 40 to 50 years, so it seemed a natural fit when we moved to Capital Manor. I think the most important factor is the inner satisfaction, knowing that what I do is helping someone. It doesn’t matter if it’s visiting, assisting with some computer problem, or just listening to their stories. I feel there’s no time wasted when a service is given.”
Jim W.

“I’m grateful to be a member of the Capital Manor community. Being involved in several committees is a way to pay back and contribute to the well-being of my fellow residents. I never expected to be involved in anything so gratifying at this stage of my life. Each day brings new and challenging experiences. The days aren’t long enough anymore. It’s great!”
Paul C.

“I volunteer at Capital Manor because I love working with people. There are many opportunities to be involved in ways that make a big difference to people. My life is greatly enriched by the experience of working with others who share the goal of providing stimulating experiences for residents, and also for being asked to give valuable feedback to staff and the board. I appreciate finding that some of the skills of organization, listening and leadership that were part of my pre-retirement years are still of value to others today. It feels good, and it gives great meaning to life.”

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