Wellness Is a Way of Life

At Capital Manor, a healthy retirement is a given. We want you to keep strong, stay active and feel your best, so we make sure you have opportunities to take care of your mind, body and spirit every day.

  • Get Fit – Take a fitness class, go for a hike or swim – you have plenty of choices. You can even try your hand at pickleball (although we should warn you: we’re pretty serious about pickleball around here). Our Wellness Coordinator will personalize a fitness program for you, too.
  • Get a Treat – Share a drink with friends in the wine and coffee bar, have a nutritious meal in the dining room, and share a milkshake with the grandkids at the Red Door Bistro.
  • Get Your Hands Dirty – Give your green thumb a workout in our community gardens. Residents grow small, juicy raspberries, dahlias as big as your head, and everything in between.
  • Get Connected – Connect online with campus-wide Wi-Fi, and connect in person with friends and family at a dinner party, on the patio, or in the woodshop or ceramics studio.

It’s easy to live well at Capital Manor!

Your Guide to Wellness

Niko Tomooka is our Wellness Coordinator, and he is passionate about understanding your needs and finding the right course of action to help you figure out ways to live your best.

“Wellness covers many different aspects of life,” he says. “The idea is to unite your physical health, mental acuity, social and emotional activities to create programs that keep you engaged.”

Learn more by reading Niko’s monthly newsletter, In Bloom.

We offer:

  • Yoga – Chair Yoga
  • Core and Balance Classes
  • Water Aerobics
  • Accelerated Aerobics
  • Functional Fitness (strength and mobility)
  • Wellness Walks
  • Fall Prevention Workshop
  • Stress Management
  • One-On-One Wellness Counseling

You need to see it for yourself! Schedule a tour today.