Downsizing Tips- Part 2

Cindy McCargar, Move-in Coordinator at Capital Manor, understands how overwhelming the moving process can be. “When I talk to folks getting ready to move in to our community, they’re always a little intimidated at first,” McCargar said. “There’s just so much to do! But I tell them that everybody feels this way at first, and it’s ok. They can do it – they really can!”

She also lets them know about the services available to make the transition easy. “We want to make the whole process as easy as possible,” she said, “so if you don’t want to try and manage all the details yourself, we’ll help you find the resources you need to downsize and move in.”

McCargar and her team will:

  • Connect you with an affordable, trusted move-in service, which will help you with everything from deciding what to take, to packing, moving, and unpacking in your new home.
  • Give you recommendations for estate sale companies or storage facilities.
  • Make sure you get comfortably settled into your new life at Capital Manor.

Downsizing can be daunting. But with some planning – and some help – you can get ready for a fresh start with very little stress.

Thinking of downsizing? We can help! Contact us today.