Dos & Don’ts of Downsizing

Moving is hard no matter what stage of life you’re in. But moving into a senior living residence often means downsizing – and that can be really hard. After all, you’ve spent years in one home and accumulated a lifetime’s worth of treasures. How do you know what to keep? How do you even get started on the downsizing process?


  • Start Early. Give yourself several months before your move. You have a lot of decisions and arrangements to make. The more time you take, the less stressful it will be.
  • Evaluate Your Furniture First. What will fit into your new space? Ask yourself what you will use most often. Then decide what to donate or sell.
  • Take One Room at a Time. Staying focused on one room will make the process easier and go faster. Set up a staging area for items that will be sold or donated, then pack up the items you want to keep as you work through the room. When one room is finished, move on to another one.


  • Don’t Forget to Measure. Get the measurements of your new closets and cabinet spaces. Mark off an equivalent space in your home so you can see how much space you’ll really have.
  • Don’t Take Too Many Multiples. Do you really need three frying pans? How many tablecloths will you actually use? Save storage space by eliminated extras you won’t need.
  • Don’t Do it By Yourself. Get help from friends and family. Or, let us help you.

Downsizing can be daunting. But with some planning – and some help – you can get ready for a fresh start with very little stress.